St. John's United Church of Christ, Schwarzwald's

Worship Service begins each Sunday at 8:30 am.
Our Sunday Worship Service includes providing for all. 
We are handicap accessible. 
Our service includes technology with which we are able to
display the scripture as the pastor reads it. 
We welcome scripture readers, bulletin and flower sponsorship.   
We use The New Century Hymnal and display songs on the TVs. 
Following the service, we have a Fellowship Time in our back Narthex. 
  Each Sunday, we have a Mission Project Sunday which
includes caroling at area assisted living centers,
participating in the Linus Project, Operation Gratitude,
             assembling Christmas boxes for the Salvation Army,       ringing the bells for the Salvation Army and more!
For the past five years,
St. John's has been holding a Family Service Fest!
Family Service Fest begins on a Sunday morning
and after a prayer and blessing from the pastor,
the congregation goes out into the community
to serve them.
We have played Bingo at area assisted living centers,
washed windows at the area day care,
cleaned up the bike paths and along the river
and the parks, helped people with their groceries,
handed out coupons for free cash washes
and put together goody bags for area
teachers, firefighters, police officers and 
health care individuals. 
8:30 AMWorship Service